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With nearly 10 years of activity in the field of social media research on the social listening platform, Buzzmetrics, a member of YouNet Group, is proud to be a consultant and provider of research from reliable social media data in the Vietnamese market.

Dedicated to continuous improvement and refinement of our research methodologies, Buzzmetrics is at the forefront of integrating social media and e-commerce data analysis, thereby enhancing business operations significantly.

Beyond our research endeavors, Buzzmetrics is committed to imparting valuable knowledge to the marketing community. We are systematically building a comprehensive knowledge repository supported by a robust data platform and expert analysts. Our efforts have garnered positive responses from brands and agencies, earning us the trust and collaboration of seasoned industry professionals.

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Become a regional leader in social network data analytics.


Deliver profound benefits to customers through research, analysis, and insight into social media data.

What makes Buzzmetrics different?

Buzzmetrics is a harmonious combination of Research Methods, technology &Data

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Research Methods

All analytics at Buzzmetrics must derive from appropriate methodologies and undergo a rigorous quality assurance process. As a result, Buzzmetrics reports are always a guarantee of transparency and research quality.

People & Technology

The SocialHeat platform allows collecting large amounts of data in real time, automatically assessing emotions and classifying user information. Leveraging the excellence of the SocialHeat platform, Buzzmetrics' people will help data become valuable, meaningful, and useful to customers.

Social & eCommerce Data

Buzzmetrics is one of the pioneers in analyzing the value of social media data in combination with e-commerce, thereby providing businesses with a comprehensive view of how goods and consumers operate in the online environment.

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