Consumer Insight

Consumer analysis

Connecting with target audience on social media is a challenge for any brand, as the interests of users on social networks are extremely diverse and constantly changing.

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Understanding social media users

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Consumer Insight will help open up the big picture of users on social media. Based on analyzing users' natural discussions on social media, Consumer Insight shows brands what interests them, motivations, and barriers, thereby building the right way to connect.


Usage & Attitude

Behavior & Attitude Analysis

Analyze the user's concerns, perceptions, behaviors, attitudes, purchasing journey... about a specific industry. Discover new ideas for user reach strategies by industry.

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Target audience understanding

Understanding your target audience

Analysis of interest (passion point) & discussion characteristics of large groups of customers (GenZ, GenX, GenY, Mom...), not limited in any industry.

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Consumer portrait

A detailed description of your target audience

Describe the personality, lifestyle, style, interests & characteristics of your target audience. Help the brand to have a deep understanding of different consumer groups and take a tailored approach to each group.

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Consumer segmentation

Customer Segment

Divide a large group of users into smaller groups to see the difference in demand, allowing brands to select potential groups & meet the needs of each group efficiently.

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Case study

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What is Syndicated Research?

Market research, an integral part of any marketing campaign, is divided into two main types: Syndicated Research and Custom Research. Syndicated Research is especially important for new brands entering the merchandise industry. What is Syndicated Research?

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Social Slang — The Trendy Language for Social Media Marketing

Social Slang is a way for brands to reach out to Gen Z customers (born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s). Let's learn about Social Slang with Buzzmetrics.

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Diverse Research Solutions

Consult the full suite of solutions from A-Z to find the best solution for your needs
Brand Insight
Brand health analysis

It is a solution that helps to monitor, measure and analyze the health of the brand, contributing to the construction of the brand image on social networks.

Campaign Insight
Campaign analysis

It is a solution that helps track, measure and analyze social media campaigns so that brands achieve the highest connection efficiency with users.

Crisis Management
Monitoring and handling media crises

As a solution for continuous collection, analysis and processing of negative information sources for brands to proactively control and manage risk

Analysis of special occasions

It is a solution to help brands understand & connect with target customers on special occasions (New Year, Women's Day, Mid-Autumn...) or product selection context.

Consumer Insight
Consumer analysis

Understand users on social media (digital insight) through in-depth analysis of their concerns and discussion behaviors (digital behavior).

Online Surveys

It is a solution that helps to collect customer opinions from online surveys, helps to proactively ask and delve into the issues that have been covered by Social Listening data.

Trend analysis

It is a solution that helps to detect, analyze & predict the movement of trends through continuous monitoring of related hot topics.

COPD Analysis
Analyze influencers

Is a solution that helps brands identify influencer files that are suitable for media target groups & target audience groups.

E-commerce Market Insight
Ecommerce Floor Analysis

It is a solution that helps to monitor, measure and analyze the situation of sales and competition on electromagnetic trading platforms, helping brands find the key to success on the retail floor battle.

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