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Deep dive report into 2023 Vietnam electric car industry

To help businesses better understand social media discussion about the electric car market, Buzzmetrics provides a detailed and in-depth report that includes exciting insights into this new industry.

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Entering its third season, the BSI Awards continues its mission to create a platform for exchange and learning among marketers, thereby promoting the development of Social Media Marketing in Vietnam.

The BSI Awards 2024 continues its mission to honor innovative brands that use data to create social and business impact, and This is a learning and interaction between marketers.

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DATA COVERAGE— Buzzmetrics has coverage throughout Southeast Asia
BSI Awards — The first and only award for social media marketing in Vietnam
Lễ trao giải BSI AWARD 2023
BSI Awards Talks - Talk about social media marketing with top experts
BSI AWARD TALK - Trò chuyện về social media marketing cùng các chuyên gia hàng đầu
BSI Top10 Rankings - Create standards in evaluating the effectiveness of social media marketing
Bảng xếp hạng BSI

Leading social network and e-commerce data research company in Vietnam and the region

Founded in 2013, Buzzmetrics has established itself as a leader in social media and e-commerce research for marketing and business values.

Being capable of both comprehensive and in-depth analysis, Buzzmetrics has the honor of partnering with hundreds of major brands and earning the trust of industry-leading experts.

Not just stopping there, Buzzmetrics aims to build a free insight library as an inspiration and an information source for the community of Vietnamese marketers.

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Diverse Research Solutions

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Brand Insight
Brand health analysis

It is a solution that helps to monitor, measure and analyze the health of the brand, contributing to the construction of the brand image on social networks.

Campaign Insight
Campaign analysis

It is a solution that helps track, measure and analyze social media campaigns so that brands achieve the highest connection efficiency with users.

Crisis Management
Monitoring and handling media crises

As a solution for continuous collection, analysis and processing of negative information sources for brands to proactively control and manage risk

Analysis of special occasions

It is a solution to help brands understand & connect with target customers on special occasions (New Year, Women's Day, Mid-Autumn...) or product selection context.

Consumer Insight
Consumer analysis

Understand users on social media (digital insight) through in-depth analysis of their concerns and discussion behaviors (digital behavior).

Online Surveys

It is a solution that helps to collect customer opinions from online surveys, helps to proactively ask and delve into the issues that have been covered by Social Listening data.

Trend analysis

It is a solution that helps to detect, analyze & predict the movement of trends through continuous monitoring of related hot topics.

COPD Analysis
Analyze influencers

Is a solution that helps brands identify influencer files that are suitable for media target groups & target audience groups.

E-commerce Market Insight
Ecommerce Floor Analysis

It is a solution that helps to monitor, measure and analyze the situation of sales and competition on electromagnetic trading platforms, helping brands find the key to success on the retail floor battle.

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