What is Syndicated Research?

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Syndicated research is research conducted by Buzzmetrics based on the observation of popular market needs.

Syndicated Research does not serve a specific customer, but rather offers a comprehensive view of users and industries on social media.

Why Choose Syndicated Research by Buzzmetrics?

Data Availability

Available sources of data enable us to proactively research big topics.

Large Data Coverage

Our research spans across topics and target groups of users on social networks.

Data Freshness

The research results are easily updated so they are never “stale” and always reflect the current market situation.

When is Syndicated Research the best choice for you?

You'll need Buzzmetrics' Syndicated Research if you're a brand or agency.
Being the newcomer to social media research.
Looking for chance to step into the industry.
It has been a long time since you got updated of changes in industry
Want to do research at the lowest cost in the shortest possible time.
Want to understand the industry and users before pitching ideas.

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