Real Estate


Search for customers on social networks
and satisfy their needs

Real estate is an industry focused on building relationships & improving customer experiences.

However, the industry's challenge is: “How to properly identify buyer needs
“What should brands do to demonstrate their superior values at each stage of a customer's complex decision-making process?”

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Industry-specific solutions

Expand relationships with customers
Deepening consumer insights

Understand customer needs, expectations & insights about products & brands

Commodity research

Keep up to date with changes in the real estate market

Create Sales Opportunities

Search for leads on social networks, know their special needs, and offer the product packages that best suit each customer

Brand Image Management
24/7 crisis management

Risk management & brand image protection by early warning of potential crises

Brand Health Tracking

Learn customer feedback to improve brand effectiveness

Keep track of the factors that make a brand's success

Learn and constantly monitor the strategic elements of the brand

Case study

Learn more about Buzzmetrics solutions through a case study

What is social listening and how does it play in social media marketing?

As social networks evolve, social listening has also developed accordingly to catch up with the need to understand users of marketers. How has social listening been applied to social media marketing over the years? Is Social Listening a Measurement Tool Anymore?

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