Fast-moving consumer goods


Catch and stay ahead of change
in consumer needs and behavior

Consumers in the digital age are changing rapidly and elusive. The marketer will always have to chase and adapt to the consumer.

This is an industry of ever-changing needs; creativity, product improvement; along with capturing and embracing new trends.

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Industry-specific solutions

Capturing user change
Deepening consumer insights

Capture change and understand consumer insights as fast as social media changes

Update hot topics on social networks

Do not miss any topic that your consumers are interested in

Predicting industry trends

Identify and predict upcoming consumer and industry trends; help create great advantages by catching trends in time or becoming a trendsetter

Commodity research

Identify expectations, potential needs, and opportunities for product innovation

Monitor market changes
Brand Health Tracking

Measure brand image and value based on user discussions

Competitor Tracking

Know what competitors are doing to learn or react in time

KPI Tracking

Elevate your marketing activities by continuously monitoring and measuring its performance to adjust your plan in time

Case study

Learn more about Buzzmetrics solutions through a case study

Sports Drinks Industry — Very Potential, But Not Properly Recognized

It has only recently appeared on the market, but the sports drinks industry is receiving attention from consumers, especially on social media. Although the amount of discussion is low, sports drinks are a very potential segment in the beverage market.

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