Occasions Analysis

Analysis of special occasions

Special occasions are ideal times to connect with users. But do you know: The interests & topics of discussion of users on special occasions always change through each year?
This discourages many brands from catching up to exploit the full potential of the special occasion.

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Correctly understand user concerns on special occasions

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Our analysis helps brands reach customers according to their concerns at the most sensitive time.

From there, effectively take advantage of the special occasion to connect with consumers.


Occasion Detection

Special Occasion Selection

In 1 year, there are more than 70 special days, countless special times and special seasons. With Occasion Detection, brands will be consulted, understand and select special occasions in accordance with the goals & brand personality.

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Occasion Insight

Intensive analysis of the special occasions

Provides a comprehensive view of the special occasion, including discussion trends, the competitive situation of the brand as well as the concerns of users on special occasions

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Success Formula

Find the right recipe

Analyze the strategies and tricks that have been applied and bring effective communication to brands, thereby developing a formula for winning special occasions for the brand.

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Scenario Suggestion

Scenario suggestions for the future

Based on the social context and nature of each special occasion, develop likely scenarios for the following year's special occasion. From there, give suggestions so that the brand has the best preparation for each scenario.

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Case study

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Occasion-based marketing - Discover the golden moments for brands to take advantage of

Occasion-based marketing is a strategy to help brands connect customers to special occasions or product selection contexts.

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Diverse Research Solutions

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Brand Insight
Brand health analysis

It is a solution that helps to monitor, measure and analyze the health of the brand, contributing to the construction of the brand image on social networks.

Campaign Insight
Campaign analysis

It is a solution that helps track, measure and analyze social media campaigns so that brands achieve the highest connection efficiency with users.

Crisis Management
Monitoring and handling media crises

As a solution for continuous collection, analysis and processing of negative information sources for brands to proactively control and manage risk

Analysis of special occasions

It is a solution to help brands understand & connect with target customers on special occasions (New Year, Women's Day, Mid-Autumn...) or product selection context.

Consumer Insight
Consumer analysis

Understand users on social media (digital insight) through in-depth analysis of their concerns and discussion behaviors (digital behavior).

Online Surveys

It is a solution that helps to collect customer opinions from online surveys, helps to proactively ask and delve into the issues that have been covered by Social Listening data.

Trend analysis

It is a solution that helps to detect, analyze & predict the movement of trends through continuous monitoring of related hot topics.

COPD Analysis
Analyze influencers

Is a solution that helps brands identify influencer files that are suitable for media target groups & target audience groups.

E-commerce Market Insight
Ecommerce Floor Analysis

It is a solution that helps to monitor, measure and analyze the situation of sales and competition on electromagnetic trading platforms, helping brands find the key to success on the retail floor battle.

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