Learn the differences in discussing the insurance industry on social media

Insurance is an industry where there are many differences between user groups from each other, as well as between users and brands. It is these differences that make it difficult for many brands to design an appropriate connecting message in media campaigns. To help brands be better prepared for future campaigns, Buzzmetrics' report on the life insurance industry will include:

  1. In 2022, the life insurance industry experienced only two media crises. However, is the insurance industry really a “windless” industry?
  2. How much discussion is the insurance industry generating and is the level of competition of brands really fierce?
  3. Among the three Gen X - Gen Y - Gen Z groups, which user group has the most positive attitude about the insurance industry that the brand can reach? Where is the group of users who demand caution from the brand?
  4. Are the messages from brands relevant to users?


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What is social listening and how does it play in social media marketing?

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